Storage Services

Short term and long term storage in our local warehouse

Some people need to store things for only a short while, before they can move into their new home.  We do that.  Others need longer term storage while they are out of the country.  We do that.  Still others just need a place to keep the clutter that has accumulated, and that they don’t want to discard.  We do that.  And some companies need a distribution center for their products before they are delivered to their customers.  We do that too.

No matter what your storage needs, we do that.  Our modern warehouses are located in Bergen County and Rockland County to be close to you.

Special handling to protect your possessions in storage

We take extra care when packing your items for storage.  Large items like couches and fabric covered chairs are padded and then wrapped in plastic before heading to their storage location.  Fragile items like mirrors receive special boxes that provide additional protection.  Your items are kept together in the warehouse to simplify inventory management.

We offer additional alternatives for protecting your valuable.  We can provide secure wooden containers for collections of your possessions.  The containers are loaded when the items arrive at our warehouse, and then the crate is closed until it leaves.

Designed to protect your valuables

Our warehouses have the heat and air conditioning you would expect.  The facility is operated and supervised by our own employees, who are available for you to visit by appointment.  We also have a complete sprinkler system for added protection. Our alarmed security system monitors the facility.  We are insured and bonded.