Moving Services

Local or long distance moves

Whether you are moving from one place to another near by or to one several states away, FTL Delivery Services can help.  We move primarily residential houses and apartments plus commercial offices and retail stores.  We have enough experience that we can make your move less stressful.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Personalized planning:  first we meet with you to discuss the requirements of your move.  From this discussion we prepare a formal proposal for your move including costs, packing materials needed, and time frames to pack, move and unpack at your destination.
  2. Detailed Inventory:  we inventory your belongings, so you can be sure you receive everything you expected.
  3. careful packing for added protectionThorough Packing:  we provide the highest quality packing materials and take care to ensure your goods are well protected.  We wrap furniture in padded moving blankets and hold these in place with tape or plastic wrap.  We use customized box types as appropriate for your china, clothes and other items.  We will construct customized crates for fragile or unique items like antique furniture or fish tanks.
  4. Careful Loading:  all this careful preparation is followed by professionally loading our trucks and vans, so you belongs will remain safe and secure as we move from one location to another.
  5. Moving:  are trucks are clean and offer a smooth ride to protect your belongings.  Our drivers all all licensed with years of experience.
  6. Unloading: upon arrive at your destination we unload your furniture and other belongs with the same care we used in packing and loading it at the origin of the move.  Everything remains wrapped in its protective blankets or sturdy boxes until it is placed at its destination.  We place each box or piece of furniture in the room you designate.
  7. Storage:  some of your customers have us move their belongings to our warehouse for temporary or long term storage.  Learn more about our storage offerings here.
  8. Unpacking:  we always unwrap the individual items we have moved. We will also reassemble things like tables and beds if you want.  Our unpacking services continue with the contents of each box when you elect this special service (see below).
  9. Clean Up:  we take our trash with us when we leave including empty boxes, packing materials and crates. Your home is as clean when we leave as when we arrived.

We also offer these optional services:furniture reassembly at the destination

  • Unpacking and reassembly services:  some of our customers ask us to do even more.  For these people we will unpack some or all of their boxes and place the contents in their proper place in their new home or office.
  • Furniture placement” services:  we will place your furniture and other large items as they were in your original location.