Hot Tub Deliveries & Moves

Hot tub deliveries are our specialty

Hot tub deliveries are our specialty.  Watch the viewo of our crew in action.

Hot tub deliveries, hot tub moves and hot tub relocations:  we do that.  Whether you need your hot tub moved from the store to your location or just from one place to another, we do that.  Whether your hot tub drop shipped to your curb or you have to move it to another home, we do that.

We take special care when we deliver spas and hot tubs directly from the store and when we move spas and hot tubs from one home to another or from one place in your yard to another.  We have specially designed equipment to make each move safe and to protect your hot tub.

Here is how we do it:

  1. Inspect the area to ensure we can move the spa or hot tub without interference.  We remove deck railings or other items that might hinder the mov.
  2. Wrap the spa or hot tub to protect it from any scratches or nicks.  We want to spa to be delivered in the same condition in which we found it.
  3. Move the spa to our truck using special equipment to ensure there is not damage.  Spas and hot tubs are heavy, so we make sure we have enough muscle power to move them safely.
  4. Load the spa into our truck using additional padding for even more protection.
  5. Reverse the process for the delivery.

Our services have been endorsed by several spa and hot tub retailers in the area, because we take such care with our deliveries.

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