Delivery Services

Deliveries are like smaller local moves

local delivery servicesWhether you are delivering one piece or several, we treat them as carefully as if they were our own:  just like with bigger moves.

Many of our deliveries include furniture like couches and dining room tables, beds with mattress and box springs, armories and more.

We protect whatever we deliver with moving blankets carefully taped and secured.  Smaller items are carefully packed in strong moving boxes.  We load them on our truck carefully and secure them so they do not move while in transit.  We unload and unpack at your final destination. We clean up before we leave.

Most of our deliveries are in the tri-state area around New York City.  Let us know how we can help.  We are a family owned small business with little expensive overhead.  We pass our savings onto you.

Hut tubs and spas are one of our delivery specialties

Not everyone can move a heavy and awkward hot tub.  We have the specialized skills and equipment to ensure your precious hot tub arrives undamaged and on time.  Learn more.

We also specialize in delivering antique and other fragile furniture

It takes special skills to protect and move fragile items like antique furniture.  We have those skills built by years of experience in the moving business.

Contact us whether you want something delivered from a retail store or from somewhere else nearby.  We will also deliver your items into our warehouse for temporary or long term storage.